Often people do not understand that the libido consists of two parts: mental (desire) and physical (arousal). And they do not always work in tandem. That’s why free VR porn videos can help both males and females explore their sexuality, model some situations, and try something new in lovemaking.

First of all, let’s examine basic facts about the issue:

  1. There is no “normal” libido

Many believe that desire should arise spontaneously. But we are all different; all our bodies are not the same. It means that there is no such thing as a norm in sexual desire. It may be spontaneous but often emerges as early as the process of stimulation. Moreover, sometimes it takes a lot of efforts to achieve the right attitude. read more

Most porn is filmed in such a way: a camera, a bed, a hot (or not) chick, and someone’s big penis. Who said that porn cannot be about the plot? Nonsense! There is a lot of porn in the world with a relatively good plot, costumes, locations etc. Today we will tell you about 10 the most famous adult blockbusters.

=&0=&The film was notable for original battles on ships at sea and Jenna Jameson starring. In addition, it has a good soundtrack. =&1=&This is a porn version of the famous Backdraft movie about firefighters. Taking into consideration the genre, the directors cared about very impressive pyrotechnic effects. =&2=&Wicked Pictures is a very famous brand name for adult movie fans. These guys shot a real hit of the time. The plot tells of a group of female bounty hunters. The movie was even appreciated by critics and won 7 awards AVN (similar to Oscar in this community.) =&3=&The film itself is reminiscent of a rather tough version of James Bond with hardcore sex scenes and funny sounds during them. Stars of industry, such as Eva Angelina, Ron Jeremy, and many their colleges play here perfectly.   =&4=& The first thing that captivates in this film is the quality of the shooting. It was shot by professional high-resolution cameras, which are used to make regular video content. The film won 8 AVN awards, several proses as a feature film, and was released on DVDs in full version. =&5=&Budget: $ 500,000 Porno for a special public and many still consider it a true art. The feeling that the film was made in Hollywood does not leave you during the entire movie watching. In fact, it is practically a tower for porn industry films, both in terms of quality and in terms of everything else. Any perversions in stock. =&6=&

Porn shooting is an interesting process: flashes, screaming motor, preparing, a lot of people during intercourse and much more behind the scenes of what we see later in adult movies. Here is what one porn female star shares with us:

Sometimes blowjob comes before a handshake

“Very often it happens like this: you come to the set, undress, shoot in the scene with oral sex, get dressed, makeup and then play in the welcome dialogue. In fact, a blowjob is the first thing, and then you get to know him. Directors don’t care if you are excited and how far from an orgasm. Men have to restrain an erection, while there is a series of stops and starts.” read more

If you still consider Sasha Grey to be your favorite porn actress, because you don’t know anyone else, pay attention to these girls urgently – they are now at the peak of their shape and career

Kagney Linn Karter

One of the best stars, because she can do everything. The work “All About Kagney Linn Karter” is an absolute classic.

Shyla Stylez

In Canada, great stars in adult genre and Sheela – is no exception. She is the lucky owner of huge tits and more than three hundred films. It will be difficult to choose a favorite. read more

Before plunging into the secrets of hot sex, here’s a quick reminder: you are not a porn star because you have not trained for this. And that’s fine. Such a person is a sexy athlete, a paid professional, and if he or she doesn’t like sex, or play as they do, they are unemployed. Therefore, they all play that they love sex, or learn it. And if they don’t like something, they usually simulate it and do it well.

So what can we learn about our life by watching porn and asking a piece of advice from its participants? Here is our list. read more