About Us

So why would you choose to use Dragon-Media. The Dragon Media family has been in business for about 4 years now, we are a dedicated team of experts who all excel in various fields of the gaming and online communities.

davidMy name is David and I am the lead developer on all of the tools that our site releases. Anything that we release whether it be forum based or on one of our websites is tested by myself and will not leave the beta testing phase until it has been signed off and confirmed. This is done so we
can maintain a high level of service and provide a trusted service that you our dedicated customers can keep coming back to us.

bradThis guy to the left is Bradley. He is charge of all things coding. To be perfectly honest he is the main reason we are all together today. He brought Maggie in and pitched the idea to me. If it was not for him we would not all of met. Anyways, if you need something custom made, he is the guy you go to because it’ll get done right.


maggieGuys and Girls this is Maggie, she is the only one vain enough to let us take a picture of her for the website. She is in charge of everything HR related, and everything marketing related. She excels in her selected fields and is a company treasure.



Here at Dragon Media our company vision is to provide amazing customer service and make sure that everyone who visits our site has an amazing experience. The customer contact form will allow you to leave any comments and get in touch with one of us. Peace.