Backstage of Porn Actors

Porn shooting is an interesting process: flashes, screaming motor, preparing, a lot of people during intercourse and much more behind the scenes of what we see later in adult movies. Here is what one porn female star shares with us:

  1. Sometimes blowjob comes before a handshake

“Very often it happens like this: you come to the set, undress, shoot in the scene with oral sex, get dressed, makeup and then play in the welcome dialogue. In fact, a blowjob is the first thing, and then you get to know him. Directors don’t care if you are excited and how far from an orgasm. Men have to restrain an erection, while there is a series of stops and starts.”

  1. Preparation for anal sex – the whole art

“For anal scenes, actors are paid extra money. It doesn’t matter if you like a partner or not, but you will agree if you have debts. There is a special diet, and endless cleansing and epilation. In addition, it is often necessary to lie on the bed, playing with a decent-sized dildo to relax the muscles of the anus. If you are lucky with your man, he will help you prepare. ”

  1. Bad day? Nobody cares

“I was acting when I got allergic from the lubricant. When I had a terrible headache. If you are not well, the last thing you want is to undress in front of a full room of people. ”

  1. The strangest lovemaking – silent

“According to the laws of some countries, including the USA, you cannot use music, even specially written, in porn movies. Cutting the sound from the shoot also costs money, so the films are shot in silence. If you need a specific melody or rhythm to start, you are out of luck. ”

  1. Not all partners are equally pleasant

“Among the actors, there are people of different stature, age, skin, temper etc. A lot of heterosexual people are ready for money to star in the gay scene (and vice versa). And nobody cares whether you like each other or not.”

  1. Injuries are real

“I had a strong irritation of the genitals after hours of frictions in the condom, I got a bump on my head when the assistant unsuccessfully transferred the vibrator, a lot of bruises after slipping on spilled lubricant Many times I woke up in the morning with the feeling that I was moved by car. ”

  1. Shooting can take place anywhere

“Most people have sex in bed but want to watch it at other locations. I participated in the filming of sex in the car, on the tree, on the road, in the fitness club.”

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